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My name is allyssa, and I am a anticommitmentoholic.

The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.
So here it goes.
I have a horrible issue with commitment.
I fall a little short with that following through thing.
For instance, last week I wanted to be an astronaut doctor. But I’m not coordinated enough and lets be honest, I refer to my tibular process as my carrot bone. I cant even cook popcorn without burning it, or steer my vehicle. Could you imagine just how delightful surgery would be? Cheers to my medical career.

As usual, many things in Allyssaland have changed.

1) Im in a very, and I mean VERY committed relationship with someone Ive known for +13 years. Hold the applause please. Her name is sweetie and she’s my rat terrior. We’re very happy together. 



2) I totally went young adult wild and got a tattoo. Which is pretty awesome.


3) I also started collecting dead animals so that’s neat and all.


I bet you are all jealous of my snakeskin hanging from my rearview, its real classy.

4) I now wrassle water snakes and soak my body in gasoline for $8.00 and hour (oh the joys of a summer job)


But in my spare time I take selfies so it evens out.

Even the smallest, least signifigant of actions you take can be enough of a force to completely shift your life in a completely different direction. Many people of my generation push life along, skipping over the lessons and experiences that come with the freedoms of being able to buy lottery tickets and tobacco sticks, and so many fail to realize that these are the years of our lives that will mold us into the people we desire to retire into. When im double the age I am now, i want wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience, and i must say within the past few months i have learned a great deal about life, love, trust, and all the small things that make life shine brighter than the sun. As always, for these tiny gusts of wind that re-adjust my arrows in life, I am thankful.

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