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Why Limp Biz-cut influenced my nipple piercing. (Just kidding)

There’s nothing better than music when you’re having a bad day. Music that absolutely compels your whole soul to absolutely simmer with anger. Some of my favorites are probably Bad day by fuel, and Break Stuff by limp bizcut, which is pretty odd when you consider my regular music choices are those classics that make you feel as though you just stepped onto a Broadway stage. (Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, the list goes on really)

Needless to say, Today was defiantly a Limp Bizcut kind of day.

 It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, and birds were chirping…

 Alarm clocks un-ringing…

I rose from my pillow soft nest, took a glance at my phone, and sweeter than Peggy lee I sang out a verse so melodic, angels may have wept.


I had slept through my first class. Lovely, really. Teach’ already hated me enough. Chalk it up to foolish pride (We’ve gone round and round during quite a few classroom discussions) and faulty alarm clocks of course

I hopped out of bed and tried to begin my day. I walked over to my closet and began weeding through outfit possibilities for the day-Which is stressful enough to mentally scar any normal woman on any normal day.

Once i had made my selection, I turned to walk to the sink.
At least, that was my plan.

Instead, my suitcase GRABBED my ankle, causing my face (And breasts, i was shirtless) to skid
across the tile.
That’s right. No typo’s here. It grabbed me.

“I hate this place!!” I bellowed.

I stomped back over to my bed to check the time, and upon coming in contact with my phone, dropped it off the bed causing it to shatter into 4 million pieces.

So what did i do?

I slammed it onto my shelf.

This shook a picture frame down.
Which happened to land exactly on my index finger, cracking the nail.

Cute. Blood had been drawn. Things were escalating quickly.

At this point i literally climbed back into bed.
I wasn’t up for it today. No sir, I was not about that life.

Sooner or later i knew i was going to have to finish starting my day.

 Honestly i just laid there, terrified.
I mean, my room had physically attacked me.

I decided a shower should mend some of the hard feelings. Maybe some time apart would do my room and i some good.

I felt like a solider on D-Day, Just waiting to get to the shoreline.
Or maybe like Rocky before his first big fight.

I mean, i was petrified to leave the safe surroundings of the shower stall. 

I wrapped my towel around myself and hesitatingly approached my door. Right as i was reaching for the knob, i felt a horrible stabbing pain in my left nipple

Horrified, and confused, i looked down to see a huge sewing needle protruding from my nipple.

I growled and yanked it out.

This was the same towel i had just forcefully rubbed all over my face.

Like, really room?
Really picture frame and phone?!
And a nipple piercing by a sewing needle to top it all off?

“Break stuff” was speaking to my soul this morning. Fuel knew all about me and my bad days (even though mine were a lot less classy than fuels lipstick and coffee spilling)

Bad days are unfortunately, inevitable. We all have them. Even the richest of the rich trip over their shoelaces or get into a fender bender.
What defines us as individuals is how we choose to handle our bad days.
One bad day, week, or even year does not mean you are destined to have a bad life. We, as humans, are prone to making mistakes and clumsiness. Even being sad, upset-anything. Does not make us weak. It shows that we are humans, imperfect in the most wonderful of ways.
More often than not, i find that our generation is un-apologetically ungrateful and unwilling to fight for happiness. Happiness isn’t just handed out like so many things are these days. Happiness is eternal, earned, privileged.
My new piercing will heal, along with my nail. These are small things compared to what could have happened. At least i had a bed to oversleep in, a bathroom to shower in. Once again, I find myself ending a post by speaking on the little things in life. These small things, small wonders and gifts often unacknowledged are the substance to our lives. The very base of happiness walks hand in hand with humbleness, and gratitude. . Having this knowledge- this wisdom; only ignites my hopes for our prude generation, and will forever humble me into realizing the abundance of the blessings I have. The earth, even when it’s raining, supplies itself with nutrients to grow and prosper, to break through the dirt and bloom.  For these small, sometimes dark things, i am thankful.

                                                                                 -Sincerely, Allyssa.

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